Stævnen, Vejle (1467)

Measures 93-110 m2, We have 11 beautiful apartments here. Super nice apartments, all located on the waterfront in Vejle only 15 minute’s drive away from the datacenter in Fredericia. These lovely apartments are all fully furnished, full kitchenware, linens, towels & of course high speed internet. From the apartments there is only 200 meters walk to the 1 star Michelin restaurant: Remouladen. From the 2 terraces of the apartments you can look out over the water and enjoy the outdoor life on the waterfront.


Address:  Stævnen, Vejle (1467)
Distance to datacenter: 25 km
Distance to Airport: 30 km
Distance to restaurants: 200 m
Distance to grocery store: 1 km
Number of people: 2-6
Bedrooms: 2-3
Bathrooms: 1
Kitchen: 1
Living room: 1
Internet: Yes
Washing machine: Yes
Tumble dryer: Yes
Dishwasher: Yes
Parking: one


Lease for 1 year+: Call us
Lease for 6 months: Call us
Lease for 3 months: Call us
Lease for 1 month: Call us
On-account heat: 500 DKK/month
On-account water: 500 DKK/month
On-account electricity: 600 DKK/month
Wireless internet: 450 DKK/month
Deposit: 50.000 DKK
Notice: Current month plus 90 days