Completely furnished
Hassle free administration
Flexible lease period
Anytime, Anywhere

Furnished housing
for your business


Customized accommodation at your desired location with a flexible lease period that matches your needs.

Everything is full-service, fully furnished and ready for move-in. We take care of your entire accommodation challenge, so you can take care of your business.

Accommodation for your employess across the globe

We offer nice and furnished houses – for 1-200 persons – in close distance to building sites in both Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark. If your craftsmen want to live in other regions, don’t hesitate to send us a request!

We are proud to be able to meet your needs regarding to where you want to stay, for how long and for how many managers, office people or craftsmen. We strive to meet your needs and we are happy to walk an extra mile for you and your company.

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Looking for a specific accommodation?

No request is too big or too small, and no location is out of our territory. We take pride in customizing and offer to meet your needs regardless of duration or location.

If you make a request accommodation below,
one of our dedicated colleagues will answer your request with a tailored offer as soon as possible
and not later than the next workingday.