Our history

Kassoe Housing was founded in Viborg, Denmark in 2018 by Kim Grouleff and Christian Høgstrup. Kim and Christian saw a need to professionalize the supply of furnished houses for expats and employees of construction companies. The demand was, and still is, on the rise due to many large projects in Denmark that needs skills of foreign experts, who typically stays in Denmark for 3-24 months.

There was a large demand for the services delivered, and Kassoe Housing quickly became the largest provider of furnished accommodation in Jutland, the hometurf of the founders. 

In late 2020 Søren Storck joined Kassoe Housing to focus on the expansion of the company in Denmark and abroad. The request to expand, Kim and Christian had gotten multiple times.

In early 2021 Kassoe Housing Germany was set up with a local team spread across Germany for us to cover a country much larger than what we are used to in Denmark.

In late 2021 Kassoe Housing Belgium was set up with a team in the center of Belgium, from where they can cover the whole country.

In 2023 Kassoe housing acquired Stay Central which added on Sweden, United Kingdom, and Switzerland as new departments.

In 2024 Kassoe housing Finland and Ireland was set up with a local team to cover the countries.   

Today Kassoe Housing is the largest provider of furnished accommodation in Denmark with housing offerings across all of Denmark and we are on a mission to get the same market position in Belgium and Germany.

We have been asked many times how we came up with such a weird and difficult name to pronunciate? The company is named after the first city we followed a client to, namely Kassø in Southern Denmark. Since the Ø does not exist internationally we changed spell to Kassoe, but keep the pronunciation as the Ø. 

Our values

At Kassoe Housing we truly love happy tenants and landlords. We focus on delivering a service towards our clients and tenants that they deserve being away from home. This means we have local staff who are always happy to help with a special housing request or the internet not working in one of our many accommodations.

We want to offer the best accommodation to our clients at the best prices and therefore we always ask our clients about their preferred termination period.

We invest in developing an accommodation provider that is efficient, transparent and where it is most often not the same booking the accommodation as who will live in it – for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Why choose us? 

Benefits as clients: 

As the largest provider we have many housing opportunities in our home markets and we take pride in helping companies with requests that are not ordinary - can be a large request or a location where other accommodation companies are not present. 

We want to focus on service and delivering accommodation specified to our clients needs and therefore we have staff on group in all of our locations. 

In short we see ourselves as your clients partner to take care of all accommodation requests, and want it to be as easy for them to make business anywhere. 

Benefits as landlords: 

Kassoe Housing is not the owner of properties and we focus on having good relationships with landlords by taking good care of their properties. We are a good counterpart for landlords, we have a good financial position, you as a landlord have no payment risk and you can be sure to get your housing back in a good shape. We put great pride in finding the right housing for our clients, and vice versa. 

We are always on the search of housing and most often search on behalf of clients. It is our desire to keep the housing on our books for as long as possible and relet it, but we also focus on having an efficient portfolio. More than 70% of our housing we have had since setup.

We have more than 50 different types of housing with the same landlord and expanding it - to the benefit of both the landlord and us. 

Christian Høgstrup

Serviced accommodation for you?

Have you still not found the desired accommodation? Do as many before you have done.

Send us a request with your requirements and one of our dedicated colleagues will answer your request with a tailored offer as soon as possible and not later than the next working day. 

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